January 30, 2008

Ask Anything Wednesday: Evangelizing Muslims

Welcome to Ask Anything Wednesday. This week I am answering another great question. Please keep them rolling in! Just submit your question--on anything!--in the comments section below and I'll consider responding to it in our weekly feature.

What is the best way to help a Muslim to consider the claim of Christ?

Quite simply, the best way to help a Muslim consider Christ is to build a relationship with him or her, showing your Muslim friend the love of Christ. Fortunately, John Piper has just posted an excellent article on this very subject: "How Shall We Love Our Muslim Neighbor?"

But if you were asking me about the best argument to use when proclaiming the gospel to Muslims, I am not sure that I can provide you with an answer. Why? Because I do not believe that evangelism is best accomplished through a canned, one-size-fits-all presentation. Building a relationship and steering conversations toward Christ is the most valuable approach. Over time, you'll want to cover who God is (Trinity vs. singularity), how He redeems us (the gospel vs. our efforts and his judgement), and what His revelation to us is (Bible vs. Koran). I know these brief contrasts may be an oversimplification of our differences, but I am sure that you understand our need to clearly share the good news of Jesus Christ with Muslims. By God's grace and through His Spirit, may Christians commit to bringing Christ and His gospel to them!