February 1, 2008

Weekly Round-Up: African Christianity, New Resources, and Mormonism

Here's this week's round-up:

1) Malita Wamala, "We were perfected all right!" in the Weekly Observer newspaper (Uganda). An African Christian gives a strange mix of ideas that are largely divorced from biblical revelation.

2) Harriette Onyalla, "Take god at his word - Marilyn Hickey" in the Sunday Vision newspaper (Uganda). Yet another problematic American charismatic is visiting Uganda. Not only does Hickey preach the false prosperity gospel, but she also frequently speaks about the need for deliverance from generational curses.

3) CounterCultSearch.com. A new search engine that should prove to be a helpful resource for researching cults and other new religious movements.

4) Towards 2010. A new blog from the Lausanne Movement as they prepare for the next worldwide meeting in South Africa in 2010. This blog will be a must-read for any believer interested in missions and the global church.

5) "LDS President Gordon B. Hinckley dies at age 97" in the Deseret Morning News nespaper (Salt Lake City). Given the leadership of the Mormon church, the President's death is always an important time of transition for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As a former Mormon myself, I recognize the need for evangelicals to become more familiar with what is happening right now in the LDS church.

6) "As Mormon church goes global, a test to attract and keep new converts" in the International Herald Tribune. Another important piece on Mormonism, especially as the LDS church grows around the world. This article ends on a sobering note, especially in light of our ministry:
[LDS Church leader] Uchtdorf also said that in areas with fast growth potential, the church must grow "slowly and in a natural, healthy way" so that local congregational leaders are well grounded in doctrine.

"In some parts of Africa, we could baptize full villages," said Uchtdorf, 66. "We could immediately explode our membership. We're going slowly to have sufficient leadership."