July 23, 2009

Will You Pray for My Return to Uganda?

Airplane Taking Off
Tomorrow I will finally be flying out to return to Uganda! Paul Carden (the Executive Director of our parent ministry) and I will be in Kampala from July 25th through August 3rd—and we're asking for your prayers!

I’m to lead workshops at a major pastors’ conference, training hundreds of Christian leaders in biblical discernment and teaching them how to respond to the many errors in their midst. I’ll even have the chance to confront the errors of the “prosperity gospel” among pastors who sympathize with this corruption of God’s truth. (Benny Hinn brought his false teachings to adoring crowds in Kampala last month, and the need for a thoroughly biblical response is great.)

We also plan to continue developing a revised strategy for ACFAR. By meeting with a number of our East African partners, our transitional plans will progress into a more concrete strategy for the future.

Will you lift us up before the Lord daily during our time in Uganda? There’s so much to accomplish—but as always, we want above all else to glorify Christ in His strength. Thank you for your encouragement and support!