September 19, 2011

Is a doomsday cult reviving in Uganda?

Reports in Ugandan news sources ranging from the mainstream New Vision to the sensationalistic Red Pepper claim that 52-year-old cult leader Wilson Bushara is now distributing “invitation cards to heaven.”

The Eddoboozi news site quotes a Uganda Radio Network article explaining that “the Luweero cult leader has started issuing invitation cards to his 5000 followers that are spread in Luweero, Mbale, Busia, Kampala, Iganga among other districts to attend the last supper in heaven. Bushara is telling his followers that that the end of the world is drawing nearer and the signs are visible on earth, including lightning, earthquakes, and floods among others. He claims that those with cards will be taken to heaven alive and those without cards will go to hell.”

Since 1999, Ugandan authorities have investigated and detained Bushara, founder of the notorious “World Message Last Warning Church,” on a variety of accusations. He is perhaps best known for his proclamation that the world would end on June 30th, 1999. For a summary of reports, see here.

September 12, 2011

VIDEO: How You Can Pray for ACFAR

A personal word from ACFAR regional coordinator Rodgers Atwebembeire.

A special event for ACFAR

On Saturday, October 22nd the Centers for Apologetics Research will host a special fundraising event in San Juan Capistrano, California to highlight and benefit God’s ongoing work through ACFAR.

Featured speakers include…

• Acclaimed apologist and author Dr. Ron Rhodes
• ACFAR regional coordinator Rodgers Atwebembeire
• CFAR Ethiopia director Tesfaye Robele.

To learn more and take part in this unforgettable evening, sign up here!