December 17, 2009

A Powerful New Statement on the “Prosperity Gospel”

In two consultations at Akropong, Ghana (October 2008 and September 2009), the Lausanne Theology Working Group, Africa chapter developed a new and powerful statement addressing “the phenomenal rise of prosperity teaching around the world at large and Africa in particular.”

The statement, released online this month by Christianity Today, declares that “it is our overall view that the teachings of those who most vigorously promote the 'prosperity gospel' are false and gravely distorting of the Bible, that their practice is often unethical and unChristlike, and that the impact on many churches is pastorally damaging, spiritually unhealthy, and not only offers no lasting hope, but may even deflect people from the message and means of eternal salvation. In such dimensions, it can be soberly described as a false gospel.”

The statement offers a detailed, and fairly comprehensive, series of affirmations and rejections focusing on the major defects of this neopentecostal theology and the widespread damage it causes. We commend it to everyone who has an interest in the future of Christianity in Africa.

December 11, 2009

En route to Kenya

ACFAR coordinator Rodgers Atwebembeire is on his way to Kenya for several days of ministry. Plans include preaching on discernment and the defense of the Gospel at a conference in Rititi, as well as various research-related meetings. Please remember him in your prayers.