December 19, 2008

Weekly Round-Up

Here's a couple of new articles for this week's round-up:

1) "3 armies raid rebel camp in eastern Congo" on Armies from Uganda, southern Sudan, and the Congo have come together to begin a new advance against the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). As I have written before, the LRA is a terrorist organization led by Joseph Kony, who claims to be a spirit medium. They have been in open rebellion against the Ugandan government for decades, wreaking havoc throughout northern Uganda and beyond. May Christ quickly bring peace and stability to the region!

2) Adam Sparks, "Salvation History, Chronology, and Crisis: A Problem with Inclusivist Theology of Religions, Part 2 of 2" in Themelios Journal. Last month, I linked to the first part of this important essay. Now the second part has been posted. Sparks has given the church an invaluable resource by defending the exclusivity of the gospel and the necessity of faith in Christ. Be sure to read both articles!