April 6, 2009

Stay Tuned!

While my family continues to recover from a very busy but productive weekend, I want to ask my friends and readers to pray for upcoming opportunities to spread the vision of ACFAR via radio.

This week, Paul Carden (executive director of our parent ministry) is scheduled to discuss ACFAR on...
  • Wednesday, April 8 on The Allan Dempsey Show, WTLN Orlando (time TBA)
  • Thursday, April 9 on The Morning Show, KFUO St. Louis (9:30 am Eastern, 6:30 am Pacific)
Also scheduled:
Our Lord has truly blessed us in raising awareness of our ministry through the radio! Please pray that He will be glorified as we make the case for ACFAR across the United States and Canada. And pray that many more will join with us to advance biblical discernment in East Africa.