May 4, 2009

Advancing African Apologetics in Charlotte

TEAMBy God’s grace, for the last several months our ministry has been developing an important relationship with the Tactical Evangelism and Apologetics Mission (TEAM) at Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES), an evangelical school founded by world-renowned apologist Norman Geisler. Last weekend, Paul Carden (the Executive Director of our parent ministry) and I finally had the opportunity to travel to Charlotte, North Carolina and personally meet with TEAM’s leadership. Many of you were praying for these strategic meetings, and I can hardly believe how much the Lord allowed us to accomplish in such a brief time together.

First, we met with a number of African seminary students at SES. I was so encouraged to talk with those who came all the way from Kenya, Congo, Liberia, and South Africa to study apologetics! Their passion for defending our common faith was both edifying and challenging. All of them wanted to bring biblical discernment and the defense of the faith to Africa. May the Lord bless their cause and increase their number!

Second, we met with several missionaries who are actively engaged in various ministries within Uganda. They also have a heart for protecting Christians in East Africa and reaching out to those trapped in error with the true hope of Jesus Christ. We discussed how we could work together, building on each other’s strengths to serve the church in Uganda and beyond.

Paul Simon and NelThird, we spent extensive time with Simon Brace, the director of TEAM, and his wife Nel. Simon is a gracious and humble man who’s aflame for the defense of the Gospel worldwide. I instantly knew that we were kindred spirits (including our great appreciation for Ravi Zacharias and Indiana Jones). I’m confident that we’ll accomplish great things for Christ as we continue building our relationship and working with Simon and TEAM.

Fourth, I was given the opportunity to preach and present our ministry’s vision at Community Fellowship Church. The church’s interest and enthusiasm for our future was remarkable—the congregation nearly cleaned us out of ministry brochures, DVDs, and bookmarks! They’re clearly committed to upholding the truth of God’s Word and exposing error both locally and globally. Worshiping with them was truly a time of joy.

Nevertheless, all good things must come to an end (as they say), and I headed home late Sunday evening. How the Lord blessed our time in Charlotte! Strategic partnerships were developed, new friendships were made, and Christ was glorified. May we continue to faithfully serve Him as we defend His truth in East Africa!