March 16, 2011

Still No Justice for Kanungu Killers

Uganda awaits the capture and trial of those suspected of murdering hundreds through the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God in March of 2000.

According to a report in the New Vision newspaper, “arrest warrants for [cult leaders] Kibwetere and Mwerinde still stand.”

Audio lectures on the Kanungu massacre by Drs. Chris Tuhirirwe and Paddy Musana, both renowned experts on the cult, can be heard on ACFAR’s iTunes page.

UPDATE: On March 20th the Sunday Vision newspaper published “I Almost Joined Kibwetere’s Cult,” a detailed interview with former MRTCG follower Elias Rutebuuka about his five-month involvement with the deadly Kanungu sect.