December 12, 2007

Ask Anything Wednesday: Cults in Uganda and Books

Welcome to another Ask Anything Wednesday. I am thrilled that two visitors this week took the time to write in asking great questions. So I have decided to answer both of them. Hopefully, the questions will keep rolling in!

"What cults are in Uganda?"

Funny you should ask--we are in the process of cataloguing the many cults in Uganda. While our project has just begun and surely will not be complete until I am living in Uganda, we have found several kinds of cults in East Africa.

First, there are most of the well-known cults that you would expect. Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons are two examples of many that are very active throughout the country.

Second, some lesser-known cults have also had great success in Uganda. The New Apostolic Church and the Branhamites have a surprisingly large presence.

Third, Uganda has its own home-made cults. Error is not simply imported from the West--religious opportunists from within will distort Christian teaching and claim exclusive spiritual insight and authority. Many of these groups are simply unknown at this point. ACFAR hopes to overcome this challenge!

Additionally, one of the biggest challenges Uganda faces right now is the prosperity gospel. Charismatic leaders preach "health and wealth" as promised to all believers who trust in Christ. This teaching is ripe in Uganda, but must be countered with the true hope found in the pure gospel of Jesus Christ!

As you can see, we have our work cut out for us. But I look forward to seeing what God will do as we seek to defend His revealed truth for His glory!

"What books will you review next?"

I am always reading. But I have found that writing book reviews is an easy way to keep me accountable. If I write a book review a week, then that means I have to read a book a week, right? It also forces me to critically interact with what the author has written. I plan on regularly writing reviews as I read various books in preparation for my mission work.

With this in mind, I'll directly answer your question by saying that I'm going to write reviews of the books I am reading now. I am currently working through Joe M. Kapolyo's The Human Condition: Christian Perspectives Through African Eyes. You can expect a review of this book next week.

At the same time, there will be a great deal of variety in my book reviews. I love reading from different areas, so don't be surprised to see reviews of theology books, apologetics books, books on cults (and from cults!), missions books, books on Africa (especially Uganda and East Africa), etc.

If you can't wait, on the ACFAR site I have posted two previous book reviews written before this blog was started: Free Indeed From Sorcery Bondage and Who Are The Living-Dead? Just click on these links to read my reviews.

But my goal is for these reviews to be more than just for my benefit. I pray that they will help believers like yourself become more informed and involved with our ministry.