December 19, 2007

Ask Anything Wednesday: Prayer Needs

Welcome to another Ask Anything Wednesday. This week an anonymous commenter asked a great question (honestly, it wasn't me!). Please keep the questions rolling in! Just submit your question--on anything!--in the comments section below and I'll consider responding to it in our weekly feature.

"How should we pray for your family?"

First and foremost, you can pray that my family will glorify God. For my wife and I, this includes our own sanctification. We desire to have a faithful and loving marriage, to be good parents, and to serve our local church. Four our children, our daily prayer is for their salvation and their growth in the gospel.

Second, you can pray for our mission provision and preparation. Obviously, we need many people partnering together with us, giving their prayers and financial support. However, while we are in this time of transition, my family also has a lot to prepare for before moving halfway around the world. In any case, we are trusting in our Lord to continue blessing and equipping us!

Third, you can pray for Uganda and East Africa, where we will be serving. Our hearts are already there!

Thank you again for asking! I hope that you will also consider staying up-to-date with my family and ministry by subscribing to our prayer e-mail list. Simply send me an e-mail letting us know of your commitment to pray for us and I'll gladly add you to our prayer partners.