January 11, 2008

Weekly Round-Up: Church History, Christian Science, the American Dollar, and the Camel

I know I have been away from blogging, but I am now officially back! Today we return to my weekly round-up of important and/or interesting articles that I find around the web. All of these have been posted since the beginning of the year:

1) Darrell L. Bock, "Roots Matter: Defending the faith in today's cultural climate means not only knowing our Bible but also knowing our history" in Christian History, Fall 2007. Bock writes about an important but often neglected aspect of apologetics--church history. I could not agree more!

2) Malita Wamala, "Mastering the art of Christian Science" in the Weekly Observer newspaper (Uganda). Did you know that Christian Science has a presence in East Africa? It does, and here is an Ugandan commending the principles of Mary Baker Eddy.

3) Dustin Benge, "The Weak Dollar Undercuts Missionaries" on the Pastor and People blog. American news has been filled with the depreciation of the dollar around the world. This economic shift is really starting to hurt missionaries and agencies. Check out this brief post to learn more.

4) Daniel Akin, David Nelson, and Bruce Ashford, "An Assessment of The Camel" (a paper available online in PDF format). The Camel is a popular but controversial approach to bring the gospel to people in Islamic cultures. This short paper is a balanced treatment and assessment of this method.