January 18, 2008

Weekly Round-Up: Syncretism, Prayer for Kenya, and Untrained Pastors

This week's round-up are all news stories that come from Uganda:

1) Michael J. Ssali, "Healings and miracles at dead priest’s grave" in the Sunday Monitor newspaper (Uganda). Would you like to read about an example of syncretism, combining the beliefs of African traditional religions with Roman Catholicism? Look no further than the merging of ancestral spirits with interceding saints. This story talks about regional devotion to a Catholic priest who has not even begun the process of being recognized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church.

2) Flavia Nakagwa, "Christians in Uganda pray for Kenya" in the New Vision newspaper (Uganda). A welcome event in Kampala, Uganda. The chaos in Kenya must be kept in prayer by all followers of Christ! Nevertheless, I especially appreciate seeing my fellow believers caring for those troubled in a neighboring country.

3) Ephraim Kasozi, "Untrained pastors ruining churches" in the Daily Monitor newspaper (Uganda). Another pastor admits an all too common reality in Uganda and throughout East Africa--pastors are often not properly equipped, causing numerous problems in many local churches.