September 24, 2008

Sermon: Festo Kivengere, "The Triumph of God's Glory"

When I was in Uganda earlier this year, Dr. Solomon Nkesiga from Kampala Evangelical School of Theology (KEST) suggested that I learn more about the Balokole and the East Africa Revival. Since returning, I have been trying to find helpful and informative resources on this important African movement.

Festo KivengereIn my research, I learned about a Ugandan Christian leader who was called "the Billy Graham of Africa." Festo Kivengere was an Anglican bishop who converted during the East African Revival. He also had to flee his home country during the brutal rule of Idi Amin. Kivengere faithfully served Christ until his death.

Imagine my surprise when I found an audio recording of one of Kivengere's sermons while he was in America. Here it is:
I praise God for our brothers and sisters in Christ in East Africa, and love hearing about the Holy Spirit's work around the world.