October 3, 2008

Weekly Round-Up: Bahá’í in Uganda, Prosperity Gospel, African Doctrine of Christ, Proclaiming the Gospel, and 12 Mission Theses

Here's this week's round-up:

1) Eshban Kwesiga, "My visit to the Bahá’í Temple: The beauty and the rumours" in the Sunday Monitor newspaper (Uganda). This reporter recounts a recent visit to the Bahá’í temple in Uganda, the only one in all of Africa. The result is a brief introduction to the history of the Bahá’í and their local temple.

2) Kakaire A. Kirunda, "False Spiritual Healing Threatening Fight Against HIV/Aids - Experts" in the Daily Monitor newspaper (Uganda). Another example of prosperity gospel preachers conning people out of their money and health.

3) "Living on the Seam of History 3: African Christology" on the Koinonia blog. I am really enjoying this series so far! Their latest post is on the development of the doctrine of Christ in Africa.

4) Nii Amoo Darku, "The Verbal Proclamation of the Gospel" in the Lausanne World Pulse (October 2008). A Ghanaian pastor explains the centrality in our faith of proclaiming the gospel. I greatly appreciate the insights of this African church leader!

5) Andreas J. Köstenberger, "12 Theses on the Church’s Mission in the Twenty-First Century" on the Biblical Foundations blog. Well known American evangelical scholar Köstenberger provides some important and much-needed reflections on the church's mission today.