October 10, 2008

Weekly Round-Up: Christian and Islam in Tension, Buddhism in Uganda, the Holy Spirit in Africa

Here's this week's round-up:

1) Joshua Mugabi, "Church forced to bow down to moon" in the Sunday Monitor newspaper (Uganda). This opinion piece shows the ongoing tension in East Africa between Christians and Muslims.

2) Florence Baingana, "Happiness over material needs" in the Sunday Monitor newspaper (Uganda). It looks as if this Soka Gakkai Buddhist is now regularly writing a column in Uganda. As always, she is extolling the practice of her faith.

3) "Living on the Seam of History, Part 3: The Holy Spirit" on the Koinonia blog. Every one of the posts in this series has been immensely informative. The latest entry is on the African doctrine of the Holy Spirit (known as pneumatology). A quote from Timothy Tennent is especially thought provoking:
"If, in this study [of pneumatology in the context of world Christianity] I have neglected the 'mote' in the Pentecostal eye, it is only because I am so painfully aware of the 'beam' in my own eye. In other words, I maintain that despite the incongruities, Pentecostalism remains the most important corrective to the blind spots in our pneumatological theory and practice on the planet today. By God's grace, we (western evangelical Protestants) may very well represent the most important corrective to the blind spots in their (Christians in the East) pneumatology.... To be effective, the twenty-first century church desperately needs the dynamic union of both."