March 21, 2008

Weekly Round-Up: Gadaffi Mosque, Missions and Marriage, Baptism for the Dead, and Easter Traditions

Here's this week's round-up:

1) Rodney Muhumuza, "Gadaffi National Mosque finally opened" and Hussein Bogere and Jane Nafula, "Gadaffi remarks anger Christians" in the Daily Monitor newspaper (Uganda). Dominating the media this week in Uganda was the opening of the Gadaffi National Mosque in Kampala, Uganda. Financed and named after Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gadaffi, Uganda now has one of the biggest Islamic mosques in Africa.

2) Ken Sorrell, "Missions and Marriage" on the Returning To Biblical Missions blog. An important post on issues surrounding married couples who will be ministering internationally in the mission field. I know that my wife and I are striving the keep in mind the issues Sorrell brings out!

3) John MacArthur, "Baptism for the Dead" on the Pulpit Magazine blog. Have you ever wondered about what Paul meant by "baptism for the dead" in 1 Corinthians 15:29? You'll need to be prepared when Mormons bring up this question! MacArthur helps us to think through how to understand this difficult verse.

4) David Sills, "Traditions" on the Culturality and Missiology blog. Since Christians around the world are devoting this weekend to the glorious redemptive work of our Savior Jesus Christ, I appreciate Sills bringing some global insight to our celebration of Christ's resurrection.