March 28, 2008

Weekly Round-Up: Hope in Kenya, Cults and Cons in Uganda, Tactics to Defend Your Faith, and Sproul with Stein on Evolution and ID

Here's this week's round-up:

1) Muriithi Wanjau and Oscar Muriu, "Post-Msafara Reflections" on the Listening to African Church Leaders blog. God is doing some remarkable things in Kenya after all of the turmoil and violence that recently happened in their country. There has been a movement of pastors and church leaders to stand together and pray for spiritual healing as well as tribal reconciliation. This is a letter with some thoughts from one of those involved with the Msafara movement.

2) Cyprian Musoke, "President Museveni orders cult probe" in the New Vision newspaper (Uganda). The President of Uganda has officially begun a governmental probe into the activities of the Sserulanda Spiritual Foundation. They plan on building a multi-million dollar Lake Victoria Free Trade Zone called the "Universal Spiritual City." This is obviously another new religious movement in East Africa to keep our eyes on!

3) Harriet Okot, "The myths of miracle healing" in the Daily Monitor newspaper (Uganda). A Ugandan journalist points to the dangers of miracle healers in Africa, especially in light of the large number of people struggling with HIV and AIDS throughout the continent.

4) "'Tactics' Delivered to Your Email Inbox Weekly" on the Stand to Reason web site. All believers seeking to defend our Christian faith should take the time to sign up for this new program from the apologetics ministry Stand to Reason. They have established a free 14 week e-mail series that will give you practical tactics for engaging people with God's truth. What else can I say? Sign up!

5) "R.C. Sproul Interviews Ben Stein" on the Ligonier Ministries blog. Ben Stein is coming out with an exposé that challenges the scientific community as they seek to defend evolution through intimidation, rejecting the possibility of even researching intelligent design. As a result, Sproul engages Stein over the issues surrounding Christianity and science. Here is the video: