March 7, 2008

Weekly Round-Up: Marilyn Hickey, The Family, Syncretism, Cross-Cultural Mission, and Theological Trends in Africa

Here's this week's round-up:

1) "Church Briefs" in the Sunday Vision newspaper (Uganda). Here's a disheartening announcement:

International evangelist Marilyn Hickey will conduct a crusade at the stadium from March 7 to 9, starting at 4:00pm, daily.
2) "Haunted by a dark past" in the Sunday Vision newspaper (Uganda). This is a follow up to last week's articles on The Family cult. While it could have been more critical, this report is still fairly thorough and informative.

3) Malita Wamala, "Things Christians overlook" in the Weekly Observer newspaper (Uganda). An editorial piece from an African Christian who sees far too much compromise and syncretism from fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

4) Jim Harries, "Imitation in Cross-Cultural Mission: Discussions in an African Context" in the Lausanne World Pulse (March 2008). While I am not sure that I would line up with Harries 100%, he definitely challenges missionaries in Africa with the importance of properly contextualizing and living out our Christian worldview.

5) Gideon Para-Mallam, "Theological Trends in Africa: Implications for Missions and Evangelism" in Lausanne Reports (March 2008). I wish that I could get every missionary and Christian to read this article. The author points out both the negative and positive trends as well as their implications for believers in Africa. I simply cannot begin to summarize the many excellent points made. Just read it!