May 19, 2008

Cults Targeting College Students in Uganda

[Video - Campus Ministry Leader Vincent Langariti on Cults Targeting College Students in Uganda]

I love campus ministry. It was through a campus ministry that I heard the gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time. It was through a campus ministry that I committed my life to Christ. It was through a campus ministry that I was discipled and began serving the Lord.

Unfortunately, Christian ministries are not the only religious organizations on college campuses seeking to draw students. Around the world, many cults and false spiritualities focus on colleges and universities. This is certainly true in Uganda.

Why? In many ways, it makes a lot of practical sense. College is often the first extended period of time when the students are away from their parents, figuring out the world for themselves. Additionally, if you want to impact a culture, then you target its students. Those who are well educated will most likely become the future political and business leaders of society. If you want to grow as a religious movement, then having those in power as members can help tremendously.

FOCUS UgandaAs a result, campus ministries are regularly at the forefront of defending Christianity against error. While I was in Uganda last month, I tried to get in touch with as many campus leaders as I could. One of the most encouraging and supportive men I met with was Vincent Langariti, the General Secretary of InterVarsity Fellowship (known as FOCUS Uganda).

John Divito and Vincent LangaritiVincent was very generous with his time, helping us understand the challenge of cults and false teaching on campuses throughout Uganda. He was also excited to hear about our apologetics ministry, wanting to work with us to reach out to college students. Because of our common vision, we are already looking at how we can come together to foster biblical discernment among students.

After spending an afternoon with Vincent, I was amazed at how richly God is blessing ACFAR in Uganda. And my family is not even there yet! I have come back more committed than ever to serve our Lord in East Africa. I look forward to seeing what Christ will continue to accomplish for His glory. I also pray that many people will support our efforts and join with us as we seek to defend God's truth.

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