May 9, 2008

Weekly Round-Up: False Faith Healers, Islam in Uganda, Scientology in Africa, and the Importance of Apologetics

Grace Kashemeire1) Michael Mubangizi, "Can prayers replace ARVs?" and "I lied that Pastor Imelda's prayers cured my AIDS!" in the Weekly Observer newspaper (Uganda). Both of these articles show the havoc that faith healers are causing throughout Uganda. They are taking advantage of people dying from AIDS who are desperately looking for help. The second article is especially saddening, with a woman being used to help a faith healer fool others.

2) Berna Namata, "Organization of Islamic Conference coming to Uganda" in the New Times newspaper (Rwanda). On Monday I mentioned the rapid growth of Islam in Uganda, but this news report is another example of the continuing success of Islam in East Africa. I pray that Christians will answer and evangelize the Muslims around them!

3) “The Essence of Source” in International Scientology News, Issue 37 (2008), pp. 8-17. While this article is not available online, it is important to recognize Scientology's growing involvement in Africa. This official publication reports on efforts to disseminate the doctrines of L. Ron Hubbard throughout the continent via targeted donations of a collection of books and recorded lectures called “The Basics.” According to the unsigned article, Dianetics and assorted companion works by Hubbard are already available in every public library in Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Angola, Chad, and Sierra Leone (with South Africa well on its way).

4) "The Case for Theology and Apologetics" on the White Horse Inn radio show. I am a weekly listener of the White Horse Inn and really enjoy the show. This week's discussion of the importance of theology and apologetics was particularly edifying. Download the show in MP3 and give it a listen.