May 2, 2008

Weekly Round-Up: Uganda Ministry, James White and Islam, Christian Counterfeits, and the Lausanne Movement

Here's this week's round-up:

1) John Divito, "Advancing Biblical Discernment in Uganda" on the ACFAR Blog. OK, OK, so I am shamelessly promoting our ministry. But this was my first blog post since returning from Uganda. I hope that you will be as encouraged as we are when seeing the many ways God blessed us. At the same time, don't forget to look for several more reflections in upcoming weeks. Let's face it: defending the faith in East Africa has never been more important!

ACFAR Blog RSS Feed2) Abraham Piper, "What Is RSS? A Step-by-Step Guide to Google Reader" on the DesiringGod blog. Do you want to save time while surfing the Internet and reading blogs? Do you not know how to subscribe to a blog? Do you have no idea what a "RSS feed" is? Do you wonder what that funny looking orange square is? Then you must read Abraham Piper's introduction to RSS. Once you've read it and are ready to get started, subscribe to our blog at this address:

3) "An Interview with James White" on the Grace to You web site. Not only has James White had a major influence on my spiritual growth and development, but he has recently focused his ministry to critically interact with Muslims. Given the rapid growth of Islam throughout Africa (more about Islam in Uganda on Monday!), you should definitely listen to this four-part interview.

4) Jeff Downs, "A Biblical Approach to Christian Counterfeits" on the Resource Index web site. You'll need to scroll down to the bottom of Jeff's page to find the audio files, but make sure to download these files as they are added. I only wish that more Sunday School classes were taught on this vital issue!

5) Samuel Escobar, "Building a Solid Theological Foundation for Mission Policy and Praxis" in the Lausanne World Pulse (May 2008). A look at the beginning and continued relevance of the Lausanne Movement. Escobar provides a helpful summary of both the insights and challenges faced today in global missions.