January 7, 2009

Book Notice: Truth About Adventist "Truth"

Dale Ratzlaff, Truth About Adventist “Truth.” Glendale, AZ: LAM Publications, 2007; 88 pp.

Truth About Adventist TruthThough many people don’t realize it, the Seventh-day Adventist Church is growing quickly around the world—especially in Africa. With this in mind, I’ve undertaken a detailed study of SDA history, beliefs, and practices.

One especially helpful resource is Dale Ratzlaff’s recently revised Truth About Adventist “Truth.” Ratzlaff, a former SDA pastor, has packed this booklet with solid summaries of the movement’s most troubling doctrinal distinctives, along with references and quotations from SDA leaders. CFAR’s executive director contributed the foreword and explains that “The time for a reassessment among evangelicals is long overdue, because for too many inattentive Christians, Adventism represents a profound danger hidden in plain sight. As Dale Ratzlaff amply demonstrates in the following pages, the movement is founded not on the infallible Word of God, but on such an extraordinary mass of error and calculated deception that it must be seen to be believed.”

From the Back Cover:
Many Christians believe the Seventh-day Adventist Church is simply another evangelical church that worships on Saturday (Sabbath). They do not perceive the organization’s cultic nature nor understand the spiritual bondage that results from following Adventist teachings.

In this book you will learn about:
• Adventism’s emergence from the date-setting heresy of the Millerite movement in the 1840s.
• The church’s foundation in Arianism.
• Ellen White, the “messenger” who is a “continuing and authoritative source of truth.”
• The gospel-denying investigative judgment.
• Sabbath as the “seal of God” and Sunday-worship as the “mark of the beast.”
• The doctrine that the dead do not exist; they do not go to be with the Lord.
• The printing and continuing promotion of The Clear Word, a Bible paraphrase containing Ellen White’s theology inserted into the texts.
• Deceptive practices, including misleading Walter Martin, concealing their identity in public evangelism, proselytizing Christians, pastors and administrators who privately disbelieve many Adventist doctrines yet must present a public image of complete loyalty for fear of losing their influence and livelihood and creating a crisis among the laity.

This book will help Evangelical pastors in knowing how to better minister to transitioning Adventists who may visit their church and help pastors to keep their own members from being caught in the enticing net of Adventist evangelism.

Table of Contents:
Foreword, 11
Preface, 13
Ellen White, a Source of Truth, 15
Founded on Error and Deception, 21
Remnant Church of Bible Prophecy, 29
Sabbath Observance, the Seal of God, 33
Sabbath Observance, the Mark of the Beast, 39
Judgment Started, October 22, 1844, 43
Promote The Clear Word, 51
Dead Persons No Longer Exist, 61
Gospel Additions, 65
Deceptive Practices Still Used, 69
Author’s Summary Remarks, 75
The Good News of Christ, 79
Suggested Resources, 85