January 21, 2009

Ask Anything Wednesday

Welcome to our monthly feature Ask Anything Wednesday. Last week I received a question in a comment thread that I love answering, so I'll respond in today's post. At the same time, please keep the questions rolling in! Just submit your question--on anything!--in the comments section below and I'll consider answering it next month.

"Let me know how I can be praying for you."

Thank you for asking (OK, this was technically not a question. But you obviously wanted to hear back from me, so I am going to bend the rules on this one!).

You can pray that my family will glorify God. Pray that my wife and I will grow in Christ, trusting and depending on Him completely. Pray that our children will receive the gift of salvation. And pray that He will prepare all of us to faithfully serve Him in Uganda.

You can pray for East Africa. Our brothers and sisters in Christ face many challenges daily. From syncretism to cults, from the prosperity gospel to missionary Islam, they need our daily intercession. Only our Savior can prosper our ministry in Africa. Let us pray that He will do so!

You can pray for more opportunities to raise awareness about our ministry. ACFAR is a unique ministry and very few believers know that we exist. More Christians need to hear about our vision to help fellow African believers stand firmly in the gospel. Pray that many more will not only learn about the need, but they will also get involved.

You can pray that God will provide for our financial needs. We still need many new monthly commitments as well as more initial support to begin. And to reach our goal we only have five months left! Nevertheless, we leave our needs in the Lord's hands. If He wants our ministry to move forward, then He will draw enough of His people together to advance His truth in Uganda. I look forward to seeing this happen!

Again, thank you for asking. And in case you do not know, the best way to keep up with our ministry as well as receive our latest prayer requests is by subscribing to our ministry updates. Simply sign up and let us know of your commitment to pray for us. I am always encouraged by the involvement of so many in our work. May Christ be glorified through the defense of His truth!