March 25, 2009

ACFAR on the Radio

By God’s grace, we’re continuing to spread the word about the Africa Center for Apologetics Research on the radio!

Today we’re scheduled to appear on “Live with Jeff & Lee” on KKMS in metro Minneapolis (6:00 pm Eastern, 3:00 pm Pacific)

And here are two upcoming shows to check out:

Saturday, March 28th: “The Pastor’s Study” with Pastor Tom Brock on KKMS in metro Minneapolis (12:30 pm Eastern, 9:30 pm Pacific)

Monday, March 30th: “Total Impact” with Kurt Goff on KSOS in Las Vegas (5:00 pm Eastern, 2:00 pm Pacific)

If you’re in the area, please tune in! If not, you can stream the shows over the Internet live. And if you’d like to talk to Paul Carden and me tonight or this Saturday, be sure to call. In the meantime, pray for us!