March 20, 2009

Weekly Round-Up

Here's the latest for this week's round-up:

1) Steven Candia, "Kibwetere arrest warrant still on," Josephine Maseruka, "Pastors call for probe over sodomy," and Frederick Kiwanuka, "Luweero cult members arrested" in the New Vision newspaper (Uganda). I wrote of the anniversary of the Kanungu tragedy earlier this week, but many newspapers included several articles related to the cult that tragically ended nine years ago. Here are three from one of the main national papers in Uganda.

2) Joyce Namutebi and Catherine Bekunda, "Govt officials involved in witchcraft, says Kivejinja" in the New Vision newspaper (Uganda). Uganda's internal affairs minister has accused some senior government officials of practicing witchcraft. I have mentioned the need to take witchcraft seriously before, but this report is an important reminder of the challenge it remains in Africa.

3) "Irony in the Big apology" on and "HBO’s Mormon Temple Ceremony Scene" on the Mormon Coffee blog. If you haven't heard about the recent controversy surrounding the HBO series Big Love portraying portions of the temple endowment ceremony, then be sure to read more and even watch the clip online. It was surprisingly accurate.