February 15, 2008

Weekly Round-Up: Debate Audio, MacArthur on the Trinity, and the Family in Uganda

Here's this week's round-up:

1) "'Theology Weekend' Audio Up" on the Karis blog. Dr. Tom Schreiner recently spent a weekend over at Karis Community Church in Columbia, Missouri. Schreiner was one of my favorite professors in seminary, and anything he says or writes is automatically worth checking out. Besides, who wouldn't want to hear a world-class evangelical scholar debate a Muslim and a Unitarian Universalist?

2) John MacArthur, "Our Triune God" on the Pulpit Magazine blog. The Trinity is a precious and essential truth for all Christians. MacArthur provides a helpful and understandable overview of our three-and-one God in this brief post.

3) Carolyne Nakazibwe, "Cult Activity in Uganda?" in the Weekly Observer newspaper (Uganda). This was a book review on a recent release by those formerly involved with the Children of God (aka The Family). Apparently, their father has moved to Uganda and is involved in spreading the false teaching of this cult in East Africa.