February 22, 2008

Weekly Round-Up: Missionary Work in Africa, Seventh-Day Adventism, Benny Hinn, Mormonism, and the LRA

Here's this week's round-up:

1) Michelle Cantrell, "Why I Would Die for South Africa" (in PDF format) on the DesiringGod web site. Missionary and pastor's wife Michelle Cantrell passionately explains why they are ministering in South Africa. As one looking to serve our Lord in East Africa, I give a hearty "Amen"!

2) Elizabeth Tidwell, "Sabbath observance rooted in Africa, says Adventist historian" from the Adventist News Network. The news service of the Seventh-day Adventists (SDA) touts some of the research that has been done to show a supposed link between their teaching and traditional African beliefs. Yes, the errors of Ellen G. White and her followers are alive and well in Africa.

3) David Kuo, "Benny Hinn in Uganda" on the J-Walking blog. Kuo gives a report in pictures while in Uganda. What did he see? Benny Hinn Miracle Crusade posters in a cancer clinic. Talk about wolves looking for some easy prey--look no further than prosperity gospel peddlers in Africa! See the pictures for yourself; they will break your heart.

4) E.R.K. Dwemoh, "Why I joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" in the Accra Daily Mail newspaper (Ghana). Here is the testimony of an African explaining why he converted to Mormonism. The Latter-day Saints are continuing to grow throughout Africa.

5) "New breakthrough in Uganda talks" in the BBC News online. Here's some great news that just came out! The Ugandan government has reached a new agreement with the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebels. May God bring justice, peace, and reconciliation to Uganda!