August 8, 2008

Weekly Round-Up: Prosperity Gospel, "Prophet" Kakande, and Two New Blogs

Here's this week's round-up:

1) Rachel Kabejja, "Prosperity Gospel" in the Sunday Monitor newspaper (Uganda). Here is yet another editorial on this false gospel. Rachel Kabejja laments, “Today’s gospel has taken an amazing twist. There is little or no more preaching about sin and its consequences but rather what somebody can do to be rich, healthy or retain a blessing.... In Uganda, some churches discourage tithing coins and in such churches is where you will find believers standing in queues according to how much they are tithing, which determines the amount of blessing they will get.”

2) Michael Mubangizi, "Inside ‘Prophet’ Kakande’s Church" in the Weekly Observer newspaper (Uganda). This report is an introductory look at Kakande (think of an African Benny Hinn) and his church. Having visited this church before, I can say that it is a good example of people in East Africa misled by a "prophet" promising health and wealth.

3) Mark Cares Weblog. I often recommend Mark Cares' book Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons. Now he has left a comment to let me know that he has started blogging! Be sure to check it out.

4) Koinonia blog. Since I am introducing new blogs that have come to my attention, here is one started by Zondervan Academic. With evangelical leaders Ajith Fernando, Bill Mounce, Bruce Waltke, Chris Wright, Clint Arnold, Craig Blomberg, Daniel Wallace, Darrell Bock, Gary Burge, John Walton, Lynn Cohick, Mark Strauss, Miles Van Pelt, Tremper Longman, and Walt Kaiser contributing, this will definitely be a must-read blog.