February 4, 2009

Bio Disc: Healing Miracle or Deception?

We recently received a request from an African church leader who wanted more information on the Amezcua Bio Disc. Though it’s not well-known in America, the Bio Disc is being sold across Asia and the Middle East as a miraculous solution to common health-related problems. Now Christians in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania are being invited to not only purchase and use the Bio Disc and related “Harmonised Energy” items, but to sell it themselves as well.

What is the Bio Disc? Does it actually work? Should Christians join QuestNet (or “The V”) and engage in “network marketing” so they can profit from selling this expensive object to their families and friends? These important questions demonstrate how practical apologetics can be in Africa. As with other New Age products, the Bio Disc's promoters do much more than promise “wellness,” because the device actually promotes a deceptive Eastern worldview.

We compiled a basic one-page overview of the Bio Disc that summarizes our research and succinctly addresses the main theological and ethical concerns of relevance to African Christians. You can read it yourself (in PDF format). And if you’d like to learn more, here’s a video featuring a man identified as Dr. Ian Lyons (who is said to be one of the Bio Disc’s inventors):

Sadly, such problems aren’t confined to the West; in our shrinking world, hucksters can easily find an ignorant and sometimes desperate audience in developing countries. May our Lord bring more discernment to His people in East Africa!