February 13, 2009

Weekly Round-Up

Here's the latest for this week's round-up:

1) Ben Okiror and Cyprian Musoke, "Mubajje warns of bloodshed" in the New Vision newspaper (Uganda). The split among Uganda's Muslims continues to escalate. While controversial Mufti Sheikh Ramathan Mubajje seeks to remain in his leadership seat, his support continues to dwindle. Hopefully, this situation can be resolved soon and peacefully.

2) Robert Kalumba, "Will only 144,000 people go to heaven?" in the Sunday Monitor newspaper (Uganda). This writer tries to give an overview of several religions (including the Jehovah's Witnesses), but he fumbles when arguing for religious pluralism. We must not believe that different religions have their own ways to God. Instead, we should seek to understand our Creator and who He has revealed Himself to be. Knowing Christ will not result in hatred and superiority but humility and love. I pray that Kalumba will understand this essential truth!

3) Max Delany, "Brutal retreat of LRA rebels in Congo" in The Christian Science Monitor newspaper. This prestigious newspaper gives a grim update on the renewed advance against the Lord's Resistance Army. May peace come quickly to East Africa.

4) Malita Wamala, "How ready are you for ministry?" in the Weekly Observer newspaper (Uganda). In answering this question, Wamala has found insight and inspiration from Benny Hinn. Once again, we see the need for biblical discernment in Uganda and beyond.