February 28, 2009

Weekly Round-Up

Here's the latest for this week's round-up:

1) Robert Kalumba, "Digging into the juju world" in the Sunday Monitor newspaper (Uganda). I always hesitate to post these stories, but this article is the latest report on the growing popularity of witchdoctors and human sacrifice.

2) Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi, "We must crusade against human sacrifice" in the Weekly Observer newspaper (Uganda). With the increasing attention on witchcraft and human sacrifice in Uganda, church leaders are stepping forward to confront this challenge. This letter was released by Anglican Archbishop Orombi and several other key Christian leaders in the country. May God bless their efforts!

3) Marshall Rabil, "Delicious peace: A story from across the world in Africa" in the Tidewater News newspaper. Here is an account of a recent visit to Uganda where the writer met and stayed with a local member of a Jewish splinter group—the Kulanu: "This is a unique sect of Judaism that began in 1919 by Shimei Kakungula because of his interpretations of the Bible. J.J.’s grandfather was a friend of Shimei’s and converted to Judaism with him, and he and his family remain in the minority in Mbale."

4) Tim Keel, "An Invitation to Amahoro Africa" on the Emergent Village Weblog. The Emergent movement in Africa? Yes. While I have pointed out their involvement in Africa before, this blog post is an unfortunate reminder of their goals among our African brothers and sisters in Christ.