February 21, 2009

Weekly Round-Up

Here's the latest for this week's round-up:

1) Rachel Kabejja, "What’s with men of God and titles lately?" in the Sunday Monitor newspaper (Uganda). This writer looks into the frequent lack of theological knowledge and training among the pastors and church leaders in Uganda. She also researches several options available for educating church leaders.

2) Hamadou Tidiane Sy, "Senegalese president admits he was a Freemason and causes controversy" in the Daily Nation newspaper (Kenya). The title pretty much says it all, but the story becomes even more interesting when one recognizes that Senegal is a predominantly Muslim country.

3) "The Pygmies Of Yeyimbo" Part 1 and Part 2 in the Catch the Vision Update. Earlier this month, the Branhamites put out a two part update on their ministry among the Pygmy believers in Africa. In these articles, you can read firsthand about this cult's success in the continent.

4) Erich Bridges, "Healing Africa's wounded urban heart" in Baptist Press. Last Thursday, Baptist Press devoted their stories to mission work in Nairobi, Kenya. All of the reports are worth reading. But this article includes an important quote from a missionary serving there: "Nairobi has every religion you can find in the world: Hindu, Buddhist, animist, African traditional religions, Christianity, hundreds of cults." May Christ advance biblical discernment and the defense of our faith in East Africa!