July 9, 2008

Book Notice: Preachers of a Different Gospel

Femi Adeleye, Preachers of a Different Gospel (Kampala, Uganda: IFES Anglophone Africa, 1999), 154 pp. (Christian Perspectives Series)

Preachers of a Different GospelFinally, a book written by an African theologian exposing the errors of the prosperity gospel. With this false gospel running rampant throughout Africa, a biblical refutation has been desperately needed. Femi Adeleye has responded with this essential resource. While it may not be easy to find, I pray that this book will make its way into the hands of many African church leaders.

From the back cover:
You have seen posters advertising the crusades; 'Come and hear the great man of God! Receive your miracle!' The man may be great, but is he always great for God? There is the God who uses people, but there is also the God people use. Which is which?

So much that goes under the cover of the gospel is counterfeit. The 'great men' are preachers of a different gospel! Their 'gospel' should not be accepted on face value but rather be put under the scrutiny of the Scriptures.

Table of Contents:
General Preface, ix
Acknowledgement, xi
Strange Times, Strange Gospel, 1
Between the Cross and 'Champagne', 11
Charismatic Renewal and Confusion, 27
The 'Modern' Preachers, 39
Misreading Scripture, 49
Counterfeit Faith, 59
The Delusion of Prosperity, 75
The God Man Uses, 105
Phoney Christianity, 117
Authentic Christianity, 131
Notes, 147
Copies are available directly through the ministry Fellowship of Christian Unions (FOCUS) Uganda. You can contact them for more information:

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