July 18, 2008

Weekly Round-Up: Judaism in Uganda, Syncretism in Nigeria, New Missions Audio, and Reflections on South Africa

Here's this week's round-up:

1) Daniel Edyegu, "Judaist leader installed in Mbale" in the New Vision newspaper (Uganda). Is Judaism in Africa? Yes. And the first black Rabbi in East Africa will lead about 800 followers in Uganda.

2) Laurie Fortunak, "Dual Allegiance" in Christianity Today (August 2008). Here is a deeply troubling account of a pastor in Nigeria practicing syncretism (or as the article prefers to call it, dual allegiance). According to this report, one former missionary in West Africa said, "One out of 10 self-named Christians in this region practices only Christianity."

3) HBC Missions Conference 2008 Audio. The conference may be over, but you can still listen to these timely and important messages on missions. Be sure to listen to Conrad Mbewe, a pastor in Zambia (of course, this is after you listen to my interview with Isaac Makashinyi from Zambia!).

4) Jonathan Leeman, "4 final thoughts about time in South Africa" on the 9 Marks Blog. Some of the 9 Marks guys were recently in South Africa and have been blogging about there time there. I have really been blessed by their posts, but this wrap up says much about Christianity in Africa today.