July 11, 2008

Weekly Round-Up: Pentecostal Problems, AIDS in Uganda, and Defining Mission

Here's this week's round-up:

1) Stephen Bwire, "Pentecostal theatrics thrive under fear" in the Weekly Observer newspaper (Uganda). Yet another African sees the rampant corruption of the prosperity gospel in Uganda. He writes, "The list of incidences such as these is endless. The curtain on these theatrics in some of the Pentecostal churches is in dire need of coming down." Yes, this false health-and-wealth gospel must be countered with the true gospel of Jesus Christ!

2) Sam L. Ruteikara, "Let my people go, AIDS profiteers" in Baptist Press. I don't know how I originally missed this piece in the Washington Post, but Baptist Press has thankfully picked it up. Ruteikara writes about the problem of AIDS in Uganda and shows how political maneuvering is preventing true solutions from stopping its spread.

3) "What did I do today?" on the Sheltons in Uganda blog. This link is a little more personal, but we love the Shelton family and are thankful that they are serving Christ in Uganda. They were even gracious enough to allow us to stay with them on our recent trip! In any case, if you've never dealt with the traffic in Kampala, you'll be amazed at this post and pictures. Let's just say that there is no such thing as defensive driving in Uganda.

4) Keith Ferdinando, "Mission: A Problem of Definition" in Themelios Journal (in PDF format). I am excited to see Themelios back in print, especially under the general editorship of D.A. Carson. In this article, an African scholar shows the need to keep the priority of missions work as making disciples. Since many today are diminishing the centrality of preaching the gospel through the language of holism, this article is indeed an important one.