July 7, 2008

Spreading Error Through Technology

MP3 PlayersI love technology. Most people that know me immediately recognize how much of a "tech geek" I am. I blog. I listen to sermons on my MP3 player. I use a digital camera to send pictures to my family. I have even considered buying a Kindle (unfortunately, the price is still way too high). Technology is wonderful.

At the same time, technology is dangerous. Anyone can post material online, whether accurate or not. Wikipedia provides a tremendous amount of information, but none of it can be trusted because its entries can be modified by any visitor. The floodgates of falsehood are always before us.

Growing technology also allows cults and false teaching to spread more rapidly around the world. One case in point: the Branhamites (also known as Voice of God Recordings). In the latest edition of their newsletter Catch the Vision (June 2008), they report on a new project.
Voice of God Recordings (VGR) always had the burden to give every believer on earth access to Brother Branham's Message. As soon as VGR was founded, we established overseas Message libraries, so believers could have a place to get the books and tapes. But it was still not possible to locate a library in or near every church. Cassette tapes were too large and expensive to ship in such huge quantities. To further complicate things, many believers were completely isolated and didn't even have a church, let alone a lending library. It would take years before God's plan became clear.
Branham's 'supernatural' photoWhile many Christians in America have never heard of VGR, they are zealously working toward spreading William Branham's teaching globally. In the past, getting their materials overseas was difficult and expensive. Not anymore!
In 2003, the Lord led us to put together a package including a battery-powered MP3 player, a full set of English MP3 CDs, and a full set of English Message books (1963-1965 plus all the bound books). Fittingly, we called it the Lighthouse Project. Once again, God's Great Machine was in motion.
Thanks to advances in technology, they can now easily distribute Branham's messages as MP3s without worrying about copying and distributing cassette tapes. What has been the result?
We recently shipped 342 packages to Kenya, 138 packages to Mozambique, and 100 packages to South Africa. We hope to have enough sponsors to ship 571 Lighthouse packages to Zambia in the hear future. This will give every known church in that country a Lighthouse package.
The Branhamites are now rapidly spreading their message in Africa. And if you would like to know how successful they have been throughout the continent, check out their African offices page. VGR is now working in multiple languages throughout East Africa, including two of the most common in Uganda: Luganda and Swahili.

I have experienced their growth firsthand. On my latest trip to Uganda, I was speaking at a preacher's conference and asked how many of the pastors had heard of William Branham. I was shocked to see over half of their hands go up.

As technology increases, the challenges to our faith only become greater. Nevertheless, we serve a God who can overcome all obstacles! Lord willing, church leaders and fellow believers in East Africa will soon have a place to turn when they encounter the errors of VGR. May God's truth in Christ shine brightly!