June 11, 2008

Book Notice: False Teachers and False Teaching

Robby Muhumuza, False Teachers and False Teaching (Kampala, Uganda: IFES Anglophone Africa, 1999), 61 pp. (Christian Perspectives Bible Series, 57)

False Teachers and False TeachingIt’s rare to find materials defending the Christian faith written and produced by Africans. This relatively little-known study booklet is an important exception. Serving as a guide for small groups or personal Bible study, False Teachers and False Teaching seeks to shine the light of Scripture on cults and error. The booklet begins with a very helpful introduction by Robby Muhumuza, who writes that “New churches and teachings are invading the towns and villages of Africa and taking them by storm.” Muhumuza describes the bitter fruit of cultic groups, noting the experience of “frustrated pastors in Kampala who...had some of their leading members go to sample some new teachings by a new controversial group in town. Some have not returned. Others have come back emotionally and spiritually wounded.”

The booklet offers a series of lay-friendly, inductive Bible studies covering 1 Timothy 1:1-11, 1 Timothy 4:1-16, Matthew 7:13-23, 1 Timothy 6:3-20, Jude 3-23, and 2 Timothy 3:1-17. My main concern with False Teachers is that its list of books recommended “for further study” includes works by Kenneth Hagin and Bob Larson (who is described as a “cult expert”). Nevertheless, this booklet remains valuable for training people in biblical discernment. It’s an essential—and authentic—tool for equipping African churches and Christians today.

Table of Contents:

Acknowledgement, iii
Welcome, v
Introduction to the Study, 1
False Teaching and False Teachers in the Church, 33
Dealing with False Teaching and False Teachers, 37
False Teachers' Identity, 41
False Teachers, Money and Wealth, 45
False Teachers - their Lifestyle and their Destiny, 49
The True Teacher - Sound Life and Ministry, 53
Guidelines for Leaders, 57
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