June 27, 2008

Weekly Round-Up: Islam in Uganda, Lausanne in Africa, Piper on Mystery

Here's this week's round-up:

1) David Tash Lumu, "Conflict dominates Kampala Islamic meet" in the Weekly Observer newspaper (Uganda). Here is an interesting summary of a recently completed Islamic conference in Kampala, Uganda's national capital. Once again, we see the growing influence of Islam throughout East Africa.

2) "CT2010 and Africa: April 2008 Nigeria Consultation" in the Lausanne Connecting Point, June 2008. This article talks about the continuing preparations for Lausanne 2010 in South Africa, including African concerns and contributions. May we all continue to pray as this historic gathering comes together.

3) John Piper, "Knowledge Increases Mystery" on the Desiring God blog. Do you think that studying theology minimizes the mysteriousness of God? Piper correctly shows us how the more we learn about God and His truth, the more we know and glorify Him as mysterious. A great post!