June 16, 2008

A Wonderful Weekend

Centers for Apologetics ResearchToday I returned from Southern California, having met with the Board of Directors for the missions organization that I am serving through, the Centers for Apologetics Research. After flying out Friday evening, I joined the board early Saturday morning (after a couple cups of coffee!). As the meeting began, I gave a brief devotional from Titus 1. Then we moved into my report on our African ministry vision and plans. I enjoyed giving my testimony, summarizing my conversion from Mormonism to evangelical Christianity. I also appreciated having the opportunity to share my passion for equipping East Africans with tools and training in biblical discernment and in the defense of our faith.

During the rest of our time together, I was able to hear more about the international ministries of other countries, especially the apologetics center in Russia. It was a joy to learn more about my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ remaining faithful to our Savior and His truth despite great opposition and government bureaucratic challenges. What can I say? I am honored to have been a part of this board meeting!

Aliso Creek Presbyterian Church

The next day, I worshiped with Aliso Creek Prebyterian Church. They are a wonderful congregation that was one of the first churches to support our ministry. Because their regular preaching pastor had spent most of the previous week at his denomination’s General Assembly, well-known apologist and Westminster professor Peter Jones preached the Word during the morning worship service. I was greatly edified by his exposition of 1 Kings 19, examining Elijah’s struggle with depression after his great victory over the Baal worshipers. During the second hour, I was able to share more about myself and ACFAR with the congregation. What a joy to see so many believers united together around the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as understanding the need to defend it against all error and corruption.

Having not spent much time in Southern California before, I also took somewhat of a whirlwind tour. I had my first In-And-Out burger experience (if you’re not from out West, don’t worry if you have no idea what I am talking about), and I strolled through historic downtown San Juan Capistrano. I also drank far more Starbucks iced lattes over two days (actually, I officially ordered several iced triple grande sugar-free cinnamon dolce skinny lattes) than I have since being a barista while attending seminary.

I could write so much more, but want to close by expressing my thanks to Paul Carden and the rest of the board of CFAR for having me out. Their assistance and direction have been invaluable and their encouragement is always refreshing. As we continue to move ahead, I look forward to seeing how Jesus Christ will use us to build His kingdom for His glory!

By the way, if those of you who are reading will be in the Southern California area on September 27th, be sure to keep this weekend open! More details are coming. . .