June 20, 2008

Weekly Round-Up: Greedy Pastors, Ugandan Church Life, a Reward, and a Missions Conference

Here's this week's round-up:

1) Robert Wabomba, "Pastor expels poor worshippers" in the New Vision newspaper (Uganda). Sometimes the greed of prosperity gospel preachers is ridiculously obvious. This news report is yet another example.

2) Caroline Mbabazi, "The harsh reality of today’s modern church" in the Sunday Monitor newspaper (Uganda). A cynical look at church life in Uganda. Unfortunately, what she writes is too often true.

3) Patrick Jaramogi, "1000 Cups receives international award" in the New Vision newspaper (Uganda). This story is on the lighter side of things. But I have previously mentioned my new favorite coffee shop, 1000 Cups in Uganda. Now they have received the first Africa Agribusiness Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Way to go!

4) Heritage Baptist Church Missions Conference 2008, "Christian Imperialism: Extending the Kingdom of Christ through the Foolishness of the Cross." While I will not be able to participate in this conference next month, I would encourage anyone who can attend to register now. With Conrad Mbewe and Paul Washer as speakers, this will not be an event to miss.

HBC Missions Conference 08