June 8, 2008

Uganda and the Future

What did the Lord accomplish on our recent mission trip to Uganda? Over the last several weeks I’ve been offering some reflections on our time there. It’s hard to imagine a more productive and enjoyable trip. Praise God for His kindness and grace!

Creflo Dollar PosterWe returned to the United States with several undeniable insights:

• The need for biblical discernment in East Africa has never been greater. The cults are multiplying, with little resistance. Islam is rapidly growing. Doctrinal error is regularly broadcast on radio and TV, and false prophets and apostles fill churches and stadiums. And few pastors and Christians are equipped to answer the challenge.

Uganda Christians• Christian leaders and others want to know how to defend their faith and protect their flocks. The desire of African believers to grow in discernment and the ability to stand for sound doctrine is genuine and strong. People are begging us for more materials. I’ve received numerous offers to speak and train Christians—especially pastors and leaders. Honestly, I’ve never seen such an amazing opportunity for ministry.

• The economic climate has changed since my first trip in early 2007. A faltering dollar and rising prices in Uganda have compelled us to reevaluate our budget. We now need $6,600 a month, as well as special support of $52,000, to move over and establish the Center. But our family doesn’t see this as a setback. We look forward to seeing how God will bring many of His people together to promote biblical discernment and win cultists for Christ across Africa!

Welcome to UgandaWith all this in mind, we’ve reached one firm conclusion: This ministry is desperately needed—and it’s needed now. As a result, we’ve set a bold goal: January is now officially our target date. It may be hard to believe, but this means that we only have a little more than six months to go!

Can we make it? Only through trusting in the Lord and by working together. While it will take the commitment of many more people, families, and churches, we’re confident that Christ will bless us as we seek to glorify Him.

Please consider how you can be involved.

Help us launch the Africa Center for Apologetics Research in January 2009.