June 13, 2008

Mormonism, Blacks, and Africa: 30 Years Since Revelation

This week marks 30 years since Mormon Prophet Spencer W. Kimball had a new revelation lifting his church's prohibition on ordaining black males to its priesthood. Here are a few articles summarizing the milestone:

• Carrie A. Moore, "LDS marking 30-year milestone" in Deseret News (June 6, 2008)
• Carrie A. Moore, "Much has changed for LDS blacks since '78" in Deseret News (June 7, 2008)
• Paul Carden, "'Revelation' Still Spreading Deception in Africa," a Cultic Trend Alert from the Centers for Apologetics Research.

John at LDS center in UgandaNow included in LDS scripture as Official Declaration 2, this sweeping change essentially jump-started Mormonism's aggressive focus to convert Africans to their faith. What has been the result? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has rapidly grown throughout the continent.

To learn more, make sure that you read the article "Pioneers in East Africa" from the Mormon-published Ensign magazine. Having visited the LDS headquarters in Uganda myself, I can assure you that they continue making significant progress in East Africa. Here is a brief news report on some recent Mormon activity in Africa:

Please pray that the true gospel of Jesus Christ will provide real hope for Mormons in East Africa. And pray that believers throughout Africa will not fall prey to the heresy of Mormonism.